It contains
A--2024 T-amp
B- 12V 5A auto voltage power supply from 100 to 240V AC,
C-- AC cable with plug match buyer location ( USA ,Europe ,UK etc.)
D--External battery supply cable


The very best performance is RUN IT WITH BATTERYSUPPLY !
It will :
A-- Dead quite at background and makes you can listen more detail.
B-- Damping factor higher and bass more rigid .

All parts are using audio grade :

Elna caps at psu.
ASC 8uf at input cap ------- that will not lost at low extension !

Alps volume control .
Dale resistor
Shielding coil ----- stop interference between coil to coil also to 2024 chip
Gold plated speaker blinding spots.

Rhodium plated RCA

Absolute no click or pop sound at
turn-on & turn-off
Thisclick sound will demagnetize your magnet of your speaker every time on & off .
Demagnetizecause by click or pop sound --- This problem is cause by input cap charging .
We have to made a complete job of the schematic or lower the value of input cap less than 2uf .

Populse T-amp 2024 will gives you confidence to buy and keep on using !

Class-T architecture
"Audiophile" Quality Sound
0.025% THD+N @ 5W, 8
0.1% IHF-IM @ 1W, 8
11.5W @ 4
Ω, 0.1% THD+N
6.3W @ 8
Ω, 0.1% THD+N
3.5W @ 16
Ω, 0.1% THD+N
4.25W @ 6
Ω, 10% THD+N
9W @ 8
Ω, 10% THD+N
5W @ 16
Ω, 10% THD+N
Extremely High Efficiency

89% @ 5W, 16
86% @ 9W, 8
Dynamic Range = 98.5 dB