1SC Clone

1SC Clone

1SC Clone
1SC Clone.

The SEAS T14RCY/P-H is the heart of this system.
I hope this XP cone unit one day will be available in the EXCEL series of drivers.

Scan-Speak D2010/8513.

The midbass: In a commercial speaker the transparent XP cone has been fitted into a new EXCEL chassis with a copper phase plug and copper plated magnet parts.
Available for the diy-community is the SEAS T14RCY/P-H driver of more ordinary parts. Except for possibly higher voice coil inductance, this driver may provide much of the same qualities as the OEM driver used in the commercial speaker.

Red = SPL response, 1 meter, tweeter height. Blue = minimum phase.

The OWI is a great tweeter but I will recommend 5R6 to the tweeter to make an even more flat FR.

The overall frequency response from the T14RCY-P/H is not the most beautiful around. But the sound is much better than it appears from the graph above. The ear is highly sensitive to bumps, where dips can very hard to detect. The intrinsic dip at approx. 1.7 kHz from the T14 is derived from resonance in the rubber surround. It can be dampened by placing self-adhesive foam strips on the rubber close to the membrane, but the crossover then needs further fine-tuning, so better leave it here.