PC-LINK 24Bit/96K

PC-LINK 24Bit/96K

Multi function product for studio. Pc-link sp-II
Function as A & B
A----USB input and output SPDIF at:
1--COAX .
4-- I2S

SPDIF input and output 24-96 KHZ
USB 2.0 input support 2.0 or 1.0
Runs with 12V battery or power supply .
Using TE7022 as receiving chip and 74VHc04 as individual driver for each
output transformer PE-65612 to avoid interference by ground .


This compact and well-designed transport provides all of the digital ins-and-outs you'll need for easy PC/Audio connectivity — at a bargain price.


  • USB 2.0 input support 24 bit 96 kHz

  • Runs with 12V battery or power supply (included)

  • TE7022 USB audio I/O controller

  • 74VHC04 CMOS inverter for low noise and high speed (one for each channel)

  • Pulse PE-65612 isolation transformer for improved transmitter/receiver circuitry balance, and reduced common mode noise and EMI

  • Plug & play with Mac 9.x up, Mac OSX, Windows 2000, XP WIN7 and Vista  (no Windows 95 or 98).

USB input (24-96KHz) provides I2S (see below), BNC, optical, coaxial or balanced (XLR) digital output.  The unit can be powered either by the USB (only USB input is connected), or the 12VDC power supply included with the transport. (See diagram)

Mac or Windows: On a Mac, iTunes using AIFF delivers excellent sound quality. On a Windows system, ripping with EAC to FLAC and FOOBAR2000 for playback provides great sonic performance as well.

For more demanding applications such as mix-down or transfer in digital recording, the Transport allows for a straightforward approach with ample connections. Even though some digital recorders and workstations have different and unmatched connections, you can still make transfers without leaving the digital realm making the Tranportt an indispensable tool for the digital recording!

I2S , or Inter-IC Sound, or Integrated Interchip Sound, is an electrical serial bus interface standard used for connecting digital audio devices together. It is most commonly used to carry PCM information between the CD transport and the DAC in a CD player. The I2S bus separates clock and data signals, resulting in a very low jitter connection. Jitter can cause distortion in a digital-to-analog converter. The bus consists of at least three lines:

I2S (Inter-IC Sound) is a serial bus design for digital audio devices and technologies such as compact disc (CD) players, digital sound processors, and digital TV (DTV) sound. By handling audio data separately from clock signals and by separating the data and clock signals, I2S eliminates time-related errors that cause jitter (and eliminate the need for anti-jitter devices.) I2S uses Ethernet-spec connection hardware (8P8C plugs and jacks, and Cat-5e and above cabling)

Comes with USB cable, power supply and external battery supply cable